St. Paul's endeavors to be "A Church with a Heart in the Heart of the City." To accomplish this, we have identified key elements of the mission to which God calls us. We believe our Lord Jesus Christ calls St. Paul's to be a growing community of disciples that: embraces diversity in our community and serves all in joyful fellowship. If we do that to the best of our abilities and with the aid of the Holy Spirit, we will be a church with a heart in the heart of the city.


The key elements to this, of course, are:

Diversity-old, young, and in between; male and female; all races and ethnicities... in short, all the wonderful variety of the humanity God created.

Stewardship-God created and possesses everything in the world and the universe. We are called faithfully to manage his possessions.

Service-helping the needy, counseling the lost, aiding the broken hearted, etc. We are called to have a heart and lead a hand, to help our brothers and sisters out by helping them.

St Pauls